I love your videos. We travel a lot. And before we go we search out YouTube videos of the areas we are traveling to. Just to get a lay of the land. I’m not sure how much YouTube pays the producers of the videos. But I do know that before a paid video is run, there are commercials. The owner of the video gets paid per click. Your video is a true eye opener. AND your introduction before the video is awesome. I’d like to see you get max benefit for your creations.
Katherine Dunbar


In Summer, driving drives me happy until the Yellowstone National Park route doesn’t need to be driven.

Two years ago I wrote this: “The Yellowstone National park hosts unnumbered loads of visitors warping the roads and the trails like divisions of tanks on parade onto a crystalline meadow.”

Then . . . 2017 . . .

Early morning, and mourning each beats at a dream place at Grand Teton National Park, and targeting the north, Helena of Montana, thanks the old Tweety, via the south west passage through the Yellowstone National Park,  and expecting to avoid the insane traffic jam, that morning the on-the-road-again tempo started.

But the traffic jam occurred. But a weird one.

Dozen of bison families were keeping their right on a road toward the south . . . Tweety was able to pass. But hundreds of vehicles heading to Old Faithful, to the south so…

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